Department of Motor Vehicle Safety 4/29/2004

Motor vehicle owners in this state are required to obtain and keep Georgia liability insurance coverage on their vehicles.

Insurance Information Cards
Your insurer must issue you, their insured, an insurance information card for each vehicle they insure.

When is Your Insurance Information Cards Needed?
• When traveling in another state
• If you are involved in an accident
• An acceptable proof of liability insurance coverage for a self-insured vehicle
• A valid fleet insurance information card
• When someone other than the vehicle owner is operating vehicle
• Insurers Must Electronically Transmit Insurance Information to the GEICS Insurance Database

Acceptable Proof of Georgia Liability Insurance
• A valid insurance indicator on your vehicle’s tag record on the Department’s database
• A valid fleet insurance information card issued by a Georgia licensed insurer
• A binder – temporary proof for 30 days only
• A dealer’s bill of sale and a valid insurance declaration page – temporary proof for 30 days only ·
• A self-insured insurance information card and a certificate of self-insurance

Voluntary Cancellation of Tag by Registered Owner
You may voluntarily cancel your vehicle’s tag with your County Tax Commissioner’s office without surrendering your license plate (tag) when the vehicle is not going to be operated.

Military personnel unable to cancel their registration before deployment may submit a competed Service Member’s Affidavit for Mandatory Insurance Relief (Form MV-18G) if their vehicle has not been operated during their deployment.

Only your insurance company can add, delete or edit information on insurance database.
Incorrect VIN
If your insurance information card does not reflect your vehicle’s correct VIN, contact your insurer immediately.
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